Home Inspection Information

Some additional information for you to consider when choosing a Home Inspector:

1. We inspect homes for buyers as well as for sellers. Inspections for sellers are beneficial because it helps the seller identify and repair items that will prepare the home for sale.

2. We will inspect any home in the State of Arizona.

3. Our Home Inspection charge is based on square footage of the structure, not the age of the home.

4. We take a non-alarmist point of view during the inspection, and will give maintenance tips in the report. A final oral summation will be given by the inspector to the buyer and the agent to report the findings.

5. We provide first time buyers with a tour of the grounds and the dwelling, to acquaint the new owners of the location and maintenance of various items at the home.

6. Our Home Inspection has a 90-day guarantee on any major item inspected at the house, i.e., roofing structure, heating and cooling, electrical, appliances, and plumbing. If, for any reason, the client has a problem with the findings in the report, they can call Pueblo Home Inspections for an over-the-phone consultation.

7. Our Home Inspection reports are computer generated and completed on-site. If the client is out of town, an inspection report will be faxed or emailed to the buyer.

8. Our Home Inspection photos are included in the report to give the client a better understanding of the condition of any questionable component.

9. Our Home Inspection re-inspections are inexpensive.

10. Our Inspector, Joe Cooper, is prompt, informative, and will guarantee that when you leave the inspection you will have a better understanding of all components of the house.

Why Choose Us?

Buying a home, a condo or a commercial space may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Having your new property professionally inspected by Pueblo Home Inspections, Inc. as early as possible in the buying process can save you thousands of dollars on items which you may be able to have the seller or builder correct.

Our web site is full of information about the Tucson Home Inspection process, what to expect, Services we provide, Resources for Tucson Home buyers and sellers, our FAQ, 10 Reasons to Use Our Tucson Home Inspections and our Local Interest Tucson specific issues to check, such as polybutylene piping, lead-based paint, insulation, etc. You can see a sample Tucson Home Inspection Report and a sample Phase 2 Inspection Report

Tucson Home Inspections want to provide you with as many resources as possible. If there is ever a question you don’t find an answer for please feel free to request information and we will get you an answer as soon a possible.

If you would like to order a home inspection you can do that on our order an inspection page.